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Top 10 Types of Boyfriends - Take Your Pick

Top 10 Types of Boyfriends - Take Your Pick

There are boys and then there are boyfriends. Though, men in general are from Mars( Why? Click Here To Read )this boyfriend species is from outer space as well. There are various types of them, which type your boyfriend falls into?

1 - The Possessive Master

The most dangerous type of boyfriends, these guy take their girls to be their private property and are often spotted with a pout or angry face, whenever the girl just says Hi to anyone.

2 - The Curious Invader

These are curious but cute type of boyfriends. They will ask the same questions repeatedly. For example: Do u love me? If Yes, How much? They have questions about everything from your clothes to your conversation with your girlfriends to your girlie sentiments. They are simply too curious to demystify a subject called “Women”.

3 - Forever Shakki

They are insecure and miserable as boyfriends as they will try to sneak onto your phone, laptop, and personal diary, just everything. They just can’t believe the fact that you can actually be in love with a moron like him.

4 - Dying-To-Be-Husband- Boyfriend

This type is ready to pop the question at the drop of the hat. They are simply in love with the idea of marriage. A “No” will not deter them from asking the question repeatedly.

5 - The Romantic Hero

This is perhaps the safest bet so far. They will sing romantic songs, leave love notes, give surprises, and shower you with compliments. However, the drawback is that they don’t care who they are being romantic with. If not you, someone else will do.

6 - Filmy Keeda

Full of filmy shit, this type of boyfriends will bore you to death with shoddy re-enactments of movie scenes. Too unrealistic to survive in a relationship, stay away from this kind, because whether or not they are Brad Pitt, they would expect you to be Angelina Jolie.

7 - The Bad Boy

Strictly prohibited in any girl's life, the bad boys will act super cool, and make you cry for no reasons.

8 - The Despeardo

The Despeardo

Do we need to say anything? “They just want one thing…”

9 - The Hangouter

These guys are more in love with their pals than you. They would hang-out with their moron friends, drink like crazy, party and meet you during the week when their friends are busy working.

10 - Too-Weak-To-Raise-A voice Boyfriend

This type of boyfriends is good for nothing and the first one to run away if someone misbehaves with you at a pub.


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